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Truest Society

White Sheets & Day Dreams Candle

  • Made from coconut wax infused with a mixture of scents
  • Truest Society is a non-profit organization whose proceeds from sales will benefit people devastated by Typhoon Yolanda in Southern Leyte province

White Sheets and Day Dreams

Drawing upon the delicate balance of citrus fruits accented with the woodsy aroma of natural leaves and local pine, this soothing fragrance captures the ease of weekends and that wonderful scent that lingers after the rain. It seduces you to lounge around in pajamas the whole day, have whispered conversations with pillows, curl up to a long read -- all these and perhaps more as you sleep languidly in White Sheets & Daydreams.

Why we love it

We believe everybody can attest that a whiff of a wonderful scent can brighten up any mood. A Truest candle has a strong presence but the scent is never overpowering. It makes any occasion feel more festive and memorable, adding a personal touch to the experience. We especially like lighting a candle when we spend quiet down times as a family and the luxurious scent of the Truest candle relaxes everyone. 

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