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Truest Society

Spaces Between Memories Candle

  • Made from coconut wax infused with a mixture of scents
  • Truest Society is a non-profit organization whose proceeds from sales will benefit people devastated by Typhoon Yolanda in Southern Leyte province

Spaces Between Memories

Classic summer joys -- a gentle sun-kissed breeze, long walks by the beach, the feel of sand on feet, pebbles and seaglass clutched like jewels; all the many little stories of a life, gathered like bouquet held close to the heart.

Sage, an herb symbolic of wisdom and timelessness, mingle with sea salt and fresh leaves for this special blend, hinting at a time for pause and appreciation of all the beautiful Spaces Between Memories.

Why we love it

We believe everybody can attest that a whiff of a wonderful scent can brighten up any mood. A Truest candle has a strong presence but the scent is never overpowering. It makes any occasion feel more festive and memorable, adding a personal touch to the experience. We especially like lighting a candle when we spend quiet down times as a family and the luxurious scent of the Truest candle relaxes everyone. 


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