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Easy Mix-and-Match Outfits

Mixing and matching pieces enables one to get more use out of one's wardrobe and add more personality to an outfit. But just what will go well with which? Well, we have taken out the guesswork and came up with some pretty ensembles to add personality to your MDV pieces.

To start off the outfits, we used MDV dresses as the base and partnered them with color complementing MDV tops as accents. You will notice that most of our pieces can be layered on each other, creating more mileage out of your purchase and truly making each piece count.


Above is an easy work outfit that pairs the NEVE dress with our CHARLIZE top. Nobody would know you're wearing a dress underneath! The soft fabric of the NEVE complements the silky crepe feel of the CHARLIZE, making this outfit exude quiet elegance and sophistication. To finish, strap on a pair of nude slingbacks and gold SAVANNAH earrings.  Shop the look: NEVE and CHARLIZE.

For errand days with the kids, we like to wear casual outfits without looking dowdy. The ELLIE dress above gets our approval for its playful ruffled skirt, definitely uncomplicated and easy to move around in. This loose knee-length dress surprisingly complements the crisp MINA top, creating a balance of comfort and style. Finish this look with a pair of leather slip-ons and your errand outfit just went up a notch. Shop the look: MINA and ELLIE.

The maxi skirt is a timeless piece for spending summer in the city. We find the SLOANE adds a sexy off shoulder appeal while maintaining the silhouette of the maxi. A tied waist creates a narrow silhouette and the oblique collar shows off a little skin to complement the side slit found on the BREE skirt. Shop the look: SLOANE and BREE.

Our INDRA maxi dresses use prints that are one-of-a-kind and are produced in a very limited quantity. As is, it makes for a great breezy outfit, but layered with a top, it gives a new look that is wearable even in a cooler climate. What makes this look work? The wrap around tie of the CADENCE top tames the billowy skirt of the maxi dress and consequently adds character by breaking the pattern of a printed dress. Shop the look: CADENCE and INDRA.


We hope you'll be more encouraged to explore your clothing options and experiment with what will work together. Start with base pieces and work your way around by layering accents and different color combinations, you'll be surprised how it can liven up a look. We'd love to see how you'd wear your MDV pieces, tag us @shopmodedevie #MDVstreetstyle and let's inspire each other!



MDV Team

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